INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTALISM (mutual aid, interpersonal meandering and an intrapersonal conflict)

A little brown coyote.

Every night or every so often it comes to my back yard.

Let me start this again –

A little brown coyote –

Comes to my back patio for scraps

Down from the foothills (I live in the foothills)

I’ve come ­this close to touching it’s nose    <>–     <____)\?

I’m trying to show you something with this

I Keep telling you the wrong way


I’ve trained a little brown person

To beg at my patio and I’ve come so close to touching its dirty little face.

I feed it scraps and it brings me good news gospel of my salvation.

I feel proud of my efforts to serve this little Mexican person from mexico.  (doing the right thing)

We’re both afraid of the world and lacking but we’re believing.

We believe all things and we fear all things.


I don’t think I should have to know. I know less now.

Won’t be fearful about all that. More secure maybe seeing this ‘weakness.’

It’s hard – like learning how to forget how to ride a bike.

Yesterday I was the king of my culture and a slave to my heuristics.

Now I will be the willing servant of a belief in the unknowable.

I’ll know that I know


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